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Gegard Mousasi Expresses Frustration with PFL's Lack of Communication and Fight Bookings

Gegard Mousasi frustrated over PFL
Gegard Mousasi

Gegard Mousasi, the seasoned MMA fighter, is making headlines for his candid remarks regarding his frustrations with the PFL. 

In an exclusive interview with MMA Fighting, Mousasi opened up about his ongoing battle with the promotion since its acquisition of Bellator, highlighting the lack of communication and the refusal to book him for fights.

Despite not stepping into the cage for almost a year, Mousasi adamantly asserts that he is not retired. His last bout in Bellator against Fabian Edwards in May 2023 ended in a decision loss, but Mousasi has been eager to compete again. However, since PFL took over Bellator, he claims to have been left in the dark with no clarity on when he might be scheduled for a fight.

"The problem is we cannot get ahold of them," Mousasi stated. "They refuse to answer us back. I’ve been training, I’ve been ready. But like I said, they don’t promote me, or people think I’m retired actually. People don’t even know."

Mousasi's frustration stems from the lack of response and action from PFL, despite his efforts to reach out and express his readiness to fight. He revealed that even attempts to secure a bout with Derek Brunson went unanswered, leaving him in limbo.

The situation is exacerbated by Mousasi's understanding of the contractual obligations between him and PFL. He believes that as a former champion and a top-ranked fighter, he should have been prioritized for fight bookings. However, the perceived silence and lack of engagement from the promotion have left him questioning their intentions.

"I know I have a contract with them. I know they are obligated to give me those fights. I’m just waiting and I don’t know. Just waiting, what can I do?" Mousasi expressed.

Mousasi's manager, Nima Safapour, echoed these sentiments, highlighting the disappointment in the way PFL has handled Mousasi's career. 

"Since the outset, they have made no effort to promote him or book him," Safapour stated. "To the point where I have to assume, they don’t have the intention of booking him even though they have an obligation."

The veteran fighter emphasized the importance of clear communication and transparency in fight promotions, urging PFL to provide him with a definitive answer regarding his future fights. His desire for resolution is palpable as he navigates this challenging period in his career.


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