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Ilia Topuria dominates Josh Emmet over 5 rounds at UFC Jacksonville

Ilia Topuria achieved a monumental milestone in his fighting career as he secured the most significant victory to date.

In a highly anticipated main event clash at the VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, Florida, Topuria convincingly emerged triumphant with a dominant unanimous decision with judges' scores of 50-44, a rare 50-42, and 49-45 over the former interim title contender Josh Emmett.

Ilia Topuria's stellar performance left fans buzzing, drawing comparisons to the legendary Conor McGregor. With his flawless display inside the octagon, 'El Matador' showcased a level of skill and dominance that had spectators declaring him "The Next Conor McGregor."

Their relentless five-round war captivated fans and ultimately earned them the 'Fight of the Night' bonus, each pocketing $50,000 for their incredible performance.


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