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Is Michael Chandler Leaving UFC for WWE?

UFC star Michael Chandler has sparked speculation about a potential crossover to WWE after sharing a photo of himself with WWE executive Triple H, hinting at a signed contract.

Michael Chandler

Chandler's move comes after he took matters into his own hands on Monday Night RAW, appearing on WWE television to call out Conor McGregor for a showdown later this year.

In a fiery promo, Chandler addressed the Anaheim crowd, declaring himself the most entertaining UFC fighter and calling out McGregor, whom he accused of making him wait too long. "Conor McGregor, get your candy ass back to the Octagon! We got some unfinished business, boy. God bless. I'll see you at the top," Chandler exclaimed.

The 37-year-old fighter has been waiting for over a year for a chance to face McGregor, but as of now, there's been no official announcement regarding their fight date. However, Chandler's recent tweet suggesting he has signed a contract has fueled speculation about his next move.

While Chandler is eager for the fight, McGregor seems focused on his upcoming film release, "Road House," slated for next month. The future for both fighters remains uncertain, but fans are hopeful they will meet inside the Octagon before the end of 2024.


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