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Jake Paul Disputes Logan Paul's Boxing Retirement: 'He's Driven to Fight'

In a whirlwind of speculations surrounding Logan Paul's announced departure from boxing, Jake Paul, his younger brother and fellow boxing enthusiast, remains unconvinced that the elder Paul sibling is truly finished with the sport.

Despite Logan Paul's recent declaration of intending to pivot towards professional wrestling, stating his likely exit from the boxing realm, Jake Paul expressed skepticism regarding the finality of his brother's decision during an appearance on The MMA Hour.

"I don't believe that," Jake Paul asserted. "I don't know when he'll fight, but he's just got so much fight in him. He's going into his athletic prime. I think he's going to fight again, for sure."

Logan Paul's boxing trajectory was marked by a blend of noteworthy matches, including a recent victory over Dillon Danis at Misfits' PRIME Card. Yet, Logan's pensive exit from boxing, after merely four bouts—ranging from facing KSI in both amateur and professional contests to engaging in a non-scored exhibition bout with Floyd Mayweather—appeared abrupt.

Financial concerns seem to underpin Logan Paul's departure from boxing, as he cited the lack of profitability in the sport during an interview with Fox Business. However, this retreat from boxing doesn't seem to quell the anticipation surrounding a possible clash between the Paul brothers.

The notion of Jake and Logan Paul entering the ring against each other had sparked intense curiosity, given their social media influence and contrasting stances on their respective boxing achievements. Although the matchup could potentially reignite Logan's interest in boxing, both brothers have downplayed this possibility.

Jake Paul clarified, "That stuff happens in families, especially between brothers in the same industry. That’s normal." Reflecting on their public spat, he added, "We've made so many mistakes, navigating this world isn't easy."

While Logan Paul steers away from boxing, his venture into professional wrestling, particularly with WWE, is gaining traction. His recent capture of the WWE United States Championship at Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia underscores his thriving success in this new endeavor, leaving fans curious about what's next for the multifaceted Paul sibling.


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