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Devin Haney Seeks No-Contest After Ryan Garcia's Failed Drug Test

Eddie Hearn, the promoter for Devin Haney, has stirred the pot by suggesting that Haney is seeking to overturn his recent loss to Ryan Garcia. This comes in the wake of Garcia's positive drug test for ostarine, a banned substance, before their bout on April 20th. Garcia's victory, already marred by controversy due to his weight issues, is now under even more scrutiny.

Devin Haney

Speaking on "The Stomping Ground" YouTube channel, Hearn shared Haney's frustration, stating,

"In his mind, he's absolutely furious. [Garcia] came in three and a half pounds overweight and had performance-enhancing drugs in his system. [Haney] will want the contest to be an immediate no-contest, for that to be scrubbed off the card, but we will see what happens."

Hearn, who has dealt with similar situations involving his fighters, emphasized the seriousness of Garcia's predicament.

"The facts are, [Garcia] had performance-enhancing drugs in his system when he fought Devin Haney," Hearn emphasized. "Now, how they got there is over to him and Golden Boy."

He continued, highlighting the challenges Garcia faces in clearing his name.

"He has got to go out now and prove to the New York State Athletic Commission that he somehow didn't know that this was being ingested, or how it was ingested, or how it was contaminated," Hearn explained. "You are guilty until you're proven innocent."

The fallout from Garcia's failed drug test has raised serious questions about the integrity of the sport and the measures in place to ensure fair competition. As the situation unfolds, all eyes are on Garcia and his team to see how they will respond to these allegations and the mounting pressure to address them.


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