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Jake Shields Faces Legal Trouble After Attacking Mike Jackson

Jake Shields, a former UFC title contender and a veteran of the sport, is in trouble with the law for allegedly attacking Mike Jackson, a former UFC fighter and a social media personality. The two have been feuding online for months over various issues, and their conflict turned violent when they crossed paths at the UFC Performance Institute in December.

According to reports, Shields has been charged with misdemeanor battery for his role in the scuffle, which led to both of them being kicked out of the facility. Jackson decided to press charges against Shields, and the Las Vegas police have issued a warrant for Shields’ arrest. Shields has not publicly addressed the situation, and his criminal record is not significant.

Shields and Jackson have been trading insults and threats on social media for a long time, mostly over their political and racial views. They also have different career paths, as Shields is still active in MMA, while Jackson has focused on his online presence and celebrity boxing.

The bad blood between Shields and Jackson may not be over yet, as they could still face each other in a cage or a ring to settle their score. However, for now, Shields has to deal with the legal consequences of his actions, which could land him in jail.


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