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Jan Blachowicz Announces Second Shoulder Surgery, Continues to Eye UFC Return

Jan Blachowicz, the former UFC light heavyweight champion, has revealed that he will undergo a second surgery on his shoulder. Despite being 41 years old, Blachowicz is still regarded as a top contender in the UFC's light heavyweight division.

Jan Blachowicz

In his last nine fights, he has only suffered two defeats, with his most recent loss coming in a closely contested split decision against Alex Pereira.

Following the Pereira fight, Blachowicz was scheduled for a rematch with Aleksandar Rakic. However, he was forced to withdraw from the bout due to the need for shoulder surgery. Fans have been eager to know what's next for the Polish fighter, known for his "Polish Power."

In an Instagram post, Blachowicz announced his upcoming surgery, saying, "It is what it is... Going under the knife again. It's time for the surgery of the other shoulder."

He expressed confidence in the MML Medical Center, particularly thanking Dr. Michal Michalik for his expertise in treating professional athletes.

Blachowicz also mentioned Dr. Damian Zaborowski, under whose care he will undergo the surgery. Despite the setback, Blachowicz remains optimistic, stating, "Keep your fingers crossed! With the first shoulder, it helped."

Blachowicz is widely respected in the MMA community for his dedication and heart inside the Octagon. Fans are hopeful to see him back in action soon and eagerly await news of his return to the cage.


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