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Jarrell Miller's Promoter Believes in Career Rebuild After Dubois Loss

Jarrell Miller's boxing career took a significant hit when he suffered a defeat at the hands of Daniel Dubois in December, losing his undefeated record. However, his promoter Dmitriy Salita remains optimistic about Miller's future in the sport.

Jarrell Miller

The 35-year-old heavyweight from New York had faced a series of setbacks, including three drug bans, before his fight with Dubois. Miller was set to fight Anthony Joshua for the world heavyweight title in 2019 but tested positive for a banned substance, leading to the cancellation of the fight.

Despite these challenges, Salita believes that Miller can still rebuild his career.

"It is a long road back Miller is faced with," Salita acknowledged. "But if he can maintain peace outside of the ring and stay focused, with a win or two he can get a shot at one of the big guys again."

Salita mentioned Deontay Wilder as a potential opponent for Miller, as both fighters are coming off sub-par performances.

"The heavyweight division is competitive because everybody is fighting everybody," Salita noted. "Jarrell only has one loss in the ring, so he definitely deserves another shot."

Salita expressed his hope that Miller learns from his experiences and comes back stronger.

"He has talent; he has personality," Salita said. "He's getting opportunities, so it's up to Jarrell to put his best foot forward to be the best he can be."

Miller is looking to return to the ring in May or June, with hopes of securing a big fight to reignite his career. Despite the challenges he has faced, Miller remains determined to prove himself in the heavyweight division once again.


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