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Kai Kara-France Calls Out Steve Erceg for UFC 305 Showdown in Perth

Kai Kara-France Calls Out Steve Erceg
Kai Kara-France

The UFC flyweight division is buzzing with anticipation as Kai Kara-France sets his sights on a potential clash with Steve Erceg at UFC 305, expressing his eagerness to settle the score in Perth. This proposed matchup adds another layer of excitement to the upcoming event and underscores the competitive spirit within the flyweight ranks.

Fresh off a closely contested title bout against Alexandre Pantoja at UFC 301, Erceg caught the attention of Kara-France, who sees this as an opportunity to step back into the octagon and prove his mettle. Kara-France's last fight was a narrow defeat to Amir Albazi last June, and he was slated to face Manel Kape at UFC 293 before withdrawing due to concussion-related issues.

In an interview with Sky Sports New Zealand, Kara-France voiced his desire for a rematch with Albazi, questioning Albazi's place in the title conversation after their previous encounter. He reached out to Albazi for a potential rematch but received no response, leaving him without an opponent for UFC 305.

"I’ve seen Amir talking a lot about this title fight that just happened in the weekend saying it was boring. The champ’s telling people to stay in their seats while I’m doing my post-fight speech," Kara-France remarked, highlighting his eagerness for a rematch.

With UFC 305 scheduled to take place on August 17 at RAC Arena in Perth, Erceg's interest in fighting in his hometown aligns perfectly with Kara-France's plans. 

"If not, I feel like Steve would be a great dance partner – somewhere close to home," Kara-France stated. "He’s from Perth, so I know the hometown boy will get a lot of hype."

Acknowledging Erceg's skills and resilience, Kara-France praised his recent performance against the champion and expressed respect for fighters from the same region. 

"To get to the title, you want to fight the guys that fought for the title. That’s the pathway. If he wants to get it, Steve Erceg: Let’s settle it in Perth," Kara-France emphasized, setting the stage for a potential showdown that fans eagerly anticipate.

The buildup to UFC 305 promises to be thrilling, with Kara-France and Erceg's potential matchup adding a compelling storyline to the event and showcasing the depth of talent in the flyweight division.


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