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Aspen Ladd's Journey: From PFL to Bellator, Still Eyeing Championship Glory

Aspen Ladd to move from PFL to Bellator
Aspen Ladd

The trajectory of Aspen Ladd's fighting career has taken unexpected turns, transitioning from PFL to Bellator in a whirlwind of changes. Despite the shifting landscape, Ladd's unwavering ambition remains focused on one ultimate goal: capturing a championship title, regardless of the promotion she represents.

The former UFC contender found herself in a new realm after departing from the PFL banner in late 2022, only to encounter another shift when PFL discontinued its women's featherweight season for 2024, concentrating solely on the 125-pound division post their acquisition of rival promotion Bellator in late 2023.

Ladd, with an impressive record of 11-5, is poised to make her Bellator debut soon. Her upcoming bout is set against Ekaterina Shakalova at the Bellator Championship Series event in Paris on May 17. Amidst these changes, Ladd maintains her steadfast determination.

In an interview with MMA Junkie Radio, Ladd expressed her curiosity about the championship scenario, stating, 

"I'm very curious to see what the belt situation is with what's going on... And yes, that is the ultimate goal (become world champion), but at the moment because it's so up in the air, it's like, 'Meh.' I just take every fight as they come, and that is the singular battle. We'll see where this goes in a year and year and a half with what they're going to do."

The Bellator Championship Series, predominantly held outside the United States for the foreseeable future, presents a thrilling prospect for Ladd. The prospect of global travel excites her, especially since she has rarely fought outside the U.S. throughout her professional MMA journey.

"Honestly, I'm very excited about it," Ladd exclaimed about her transition from PFL to Bellator. "It's going to be the year of travel because after this fight, if you look at where all the fights are going to be this year, there's a slim chance I'm fighting in the U.S. It's the year of travel, and that's pretty darn exciting."

Ladd's story epitomizes the resilience and adaptability required in the ever-evolving landscape of mixed martial arts. Her journey from one promotion to another, coupled with the pursuit of championship glory, embodies the essence of determination and perseverance in the sport.


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