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Jermall Charlo Arrested for DWI After Car Crash: What We Know

Jermall Charlo Arrested for DWI
Jermall Charlo

In a recent turn of events, boxing world champion Jermall Charlo has found himself in hot water once again, this time for a DWI incident resulting from a car crash in the Houston area. The details surrounding the event shed light on Charlo's ongoing struggles outside the ring.

According to reports from TMZ, Charlo was arrested and charged with drunken driving after his Lamborghini collided with another vehicle on Tuesday evening. The altercation didn't end at the crash site, as Charlo and the other driver engaged in an argument before Charlo hastily drove away, ignoring police sirens.

The Pearland Police Department revealed that officers had to pursue Charlo, eventually boxing him in at a red light about a mile away from the crash. Subsequent sobriety tests at the police station indicated a blood alcohol content above .15, leading to charges of DWI, fleeing from police, and leaving the scene of a crash involving significant damage.

Charlo's attorney, Kent Schaffer, swiftly addressed rumors of drug involvement, stating, 

"Jermall has been in training. He has not been using any type of drugs." Schaffer also mentioned that no injuries were reported from the accident.

This isn't the first time Charlo's personal life has made headlines. Just last December, he faced allegations of assaulting a family member, leading to a restraining order and divorce filing by his wife, Chyane Westbrook. In 2022, Charlo was also accused of assault, although charges from that incident were dropped.

Sportingly, Charlo's last fight was in November, where he secured a decisive victory against Jose Benavidez Jr. However, despite being a potential candidate to face Canelo Alvarez, no fight has been scheduled, leaving his boxing career in a state of uncertainty amidst these legal troubles.

Charlo's case serves as a reminder of the challenges athletes face both in and out of the ring, highlighting the importance of responsibility and accountability, even for those in the spotlight of sports stardom.


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