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Ryan Garcia Cleared of One Banned Substance, Devin Haney Reacts to Controversy

Ryan Garcia got some kind of a relief
Ryan Garcia

Boxing fans witnessed a whirlwind of developments as Ryan Garcia's drug test results took center stage, with Devin Haney offering his perspective on the controversy.

In a recent interview with veteran boxing reporter Dan Rafael, it was revealed that Garcia has been cleared of a potential positive test for the 19-Norandrosterone metabolite, derived from the banned substance nandrolone. This news comes as a relief for Garcia, who faced uncertainty following initial positive results.

However, the situation took a twist as Garcia also tested positive for ostarine, another banned substance, around the time of his fight against Devin Haney. Garcia's team has contested these findings, awaiting the results of a B-sample to confirm or refute the initial results.

In response to these developments, Garcia expressed his innocence and anticipation of vindication. He also made a surprising announcement regarding allowing his next opponent to use performance-enhancing drugs.

Devin Haney, who suffered his first defeat against Garcia in their recent fight, responded to Garcia's drug test controversy through social media, adding his voice to the ongoing discussion.

The controversy surrounding Garcia's drug test results adds a layer of complexity to the boxing landscape, raising questions about fair play and the integrity of the sport.


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