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Khabib Is Going To Compete In... Soccer?!

The man who dominated the UFC lightweight division is now going to be competing in the worlds biggest sport - Soccer. Football, if you're not from the US. Khabib Tweeted the announcement saying - "Preparing for my football debut, I'm free agent and ready to accept offers" On January 24th. FC Legion Dynamo, a soccer team from Russia has just gotten Khabib to sign contract with them.

Khabib retired from MMA after an impressive career in the UFC with a record of 29-0. He was arguably the most entertaining fighter to watch. He treated all his opponents with the most respect and saved trash talk for the fight. The best of the best couldn't beat Khabib. Nobody could out strike or out grapple him.

Will he have the same presence in a different sport? will Khabib shine in soccer like he did MMA? What say you fight fans? We think Khabib is an all star athlete and will continue to make waves in soccer. We sure miss watching him fight though!

FC Legion Dynamo has been a Soccer team since 2015. They're based out of khabib's hometown of Dagestan. MMA might have been Khabibs first sport to blow up in, but he's always loved Soccer and could lead a new legacy there. We're ready for it!

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