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Leandro Higo's Uncertainty: Will James Gallagher Show Up at Bellator Belfast?

Higo still doubtful about his next opponent
Leandro Higo

In the buildup to Bellator Belfast, Leandro Higo expresses uncertainty about James Gallagher's presence in the fight, highlighting past canceled bouts and weight class disagreements.

The anticipation is palpable as Leandro Higo prepares to face James Gallagher at Bellator Belfast on March 22, but the Brazilian fighter remains doubtful until he sees his opponent during fight week.

“My coaches told me, ‘Man, he pulled out three times already against you, not to mention his other opponents,’” Higo said. “He’s always hurt, there’s always something going on. It seems like he only fights when he wants to. I still don’t believe it. I’ll only believe it when we get to fight week. But even if he doesn’t fight, just throw any other Irishman in there, anyone from Ireland, because I’m ready for war.”

Despite these setbacks, Higo is determined to step into the cage in enemy territory, whether against Gallagher or any other Irish fighter.

Gallagher's recent move back to featherweight has added intrigue to the matchup, with Higo agreeing to cut 10 pounds less for the fight. However, past disagreements over weight classes and catchweight have fueled tension between the two fighters.

While Bellator initially considered other opponents for Gallagher, including Jeremy Kennedy, circumstances shifted, leading to the renewed possibility of Higo facing Gallagher in Belfast.

Confident in his abilities, Higo aims to showcase his superior grappling skills and send a message to the division by finishing Gallagher inside three rounds. As the fight date approaches, fans eagerly await the outcome of this highly anticipated clash between two talented fighters.


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