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Anatoly Malykhin: A Heavyweight Champion Ready for Battle

Anatoly Malykhin ready to defend his title
Anatoly Malykhin

Anatoly Malykhin, the reigning ONE Heavyweight MMA World Champion, stands at the pinnacle of his division, ready to defend his crown against formidable challengers Amir Aliakbari and “Reug Reug” Oumar Kane.

Fresh off his historic victory at ONE 166: Qatar, Malykhin is laser-focused on his next challenge – a title defense that could potentially pit him against either Aliakbari or “Reug Reug.”

In a recent statement, Malykhin expressed his readiness to face both opponents simultaneously, showcasing his unwavering confidence and determination.

“Aliakbari certainly deserves his rematch more at the moment because he’s got a four-fight winning streak, and that’s very serious,” Malykhin acknowledged, highlighting the formidable skills of his potential challengers.

With an impeccable 14-0 record and a remarkable finishing rate, Malykhin has established himself as a dominant force in the heavyweight division. His blend of technical prowess and knockout power makes him a formidable opponent for anyone in the cage.

Reflecting on the prospect of facing Aliakbari, Malykhin praised his opponent's boxing skills and endurance, setting the stage for an electrifying matchup eagerly anticipated by fans worldwide.

As for a potential showdown with “Reug Reug,” Malykhin exudes confidence, predicting a first-round knockout and a celebratory moment with his family after the victory.

Despite already etching his name in MMA history with three division titles, Malykhin remains hungry for more challenges and achievements. He envisions a future where he not only holds four belts but also adds a boxing title to his collection, solidifying his status as one of the sport's all-time greats.

For Anatoly Malykhin, every fight is an opportunity to make history and cement his legacy as a true heavyweight champion.


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