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Max Holloway's Last-Second Faceplant KO Shocks UFC 300 Crowd

Max Holloway solidified his status as the ultimate force in the sport with a jaw-dropping last-second knockout, stunning Justin Gaethje to claim the "BMF" title in an epic showdown at UFC 300.

In a display of sheer dominance, Holloway unleashed a relentless onslaught over five rounds, showcasing his prowess and leaving a trail of damage in his wake. Yet, it was his emphatic finish that etched his name into the annals of UFC history.

Max Holloway

With mere seconds ticking away, Holloway stood his ground in the center of the cage, daring Gaethje to engage in a final exchange. What followed was a ferocious right hand that landed with bone-crushing force, sending Gaethje crashing to the canvas in a dramatic finale, with the official end time registering at 4:59 in the fifth round.

The momentum swung dramatically towards Holloway towards the end of the first round when a spinning back kick shattered Gaethje's nose, leaving him visibly impaired and struggling to breathe. Despite Gaethje's relentless assault on Holloway's lead leg with calf kicks, the Hawaiian fighter continued to dictate the pace with his superior boxing skills and elusive footwork.

As blood flowed from Gaethje's broken nose, Holloway relentlessly targeted the injury, further exacerbating his opponent's discomfort. Gaethje, undeterred, landed a powerful right hook in the fourth round, momentarily dropping Holloway, but the resilient champion weathered the storm and regained control.

Entering the final round, Holloway unleashed a devastating spin kick followed by a precise combination that rattled Gaethje. Sensing victory within grasp, Holloway engaged in a toe-to-toe exchange reminiscent of his legendary bout with Ricardo Lamas, culminating in a thunderous right hand that sealed Gaethje's fate.

In the aftermath of his spectacular triumph, Holloway wasted no time in declaring his ambitions for a title shot, either in the featherweight or lightweight division. Challenging potential opponents, including "El Matador" Ilia Topuria and Islam Makhachev, Holloway sent a clear message to the UFC hierarchy.


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