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Mur Hawk Slater: Defying Odds, Finding Hope in ONE Championship Community

Mur Hawk Slater, a 25-year-old from Derby, England, embodies the courage and resilience of a true champion, despite facing the challenges of spinal muscular atrophy type II, a rare genetic disease. Slater's journey from despair to hope has been fueled by his unwavering determination and the support of the martial arts community, particularly ONE Championship, which has become his beacon of inspiration.

Mur Hawk Slater

Born with spinal muscular atrophy type II, Slater was confined to a wheelchair at just 20 months old. Throughout his school years, he felt marginalized and underestimated by teachers who failed to recognize his potential. Despite facing crippling fear and dark thoughts about his condition, Slater's mother remained his steadfast support, encouraging him to explore his passions.

Introduced to the world of mixed martial arts by his mother, Slater discovered a newfound love and sense of purpose. Immersing himself in the sport, he found solace and belonging within the online community of MMA enthusiasts, particularly among fans of ONE Championship. Here, Slater found acceptance and camaraderie, transforming his outlook on life and fostering a sense of belonging.

Grateful for the support he received from the ONE community, Slater became an integral part of the beta testing team for ONE Fight Arena, the promotion's official mobile game. Excelling in the game, Slater not only contributed to its development but also found personal growth and fulfillment through the experience.

Despite facing numerous challenges, Slater remains determined to pursue his dreams, excelling as a straight-A student and aspiring graphic designer. He credits his favorite ONE athletes, such as Liam Harrison, Rodtang Jitmuangnon, and Yoshihiro Akiyama, for inspiring him to cultivate mental fortitude and resilience.


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