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Mentor Of The Week - Genghis Khan

If you didn't know how badass the Mongolians were, well you're about to. These dudes had pet eagles they would hunt with and the country still practices eagle hunting as a cultural tradition today. They rode horses without saddles, and even shot archery from horseback. The Mongol empire had become the largest of it's time in the Asian continent.

Genghis Khan's name may be synonymous with tyrants and warlords but few people actually know his true history. He came to power by uniting various nomadic tribes and eventually conquered most of Asia. Many accounts claim that Khan was a ruthless warlord responsible for the deaths of millions in his conquest.

The Buddhist historical writings describe him as a liberator who brought together various groups. So the real man behind the name is contested but what can't be argued is the facts. Largest Asian empire of it's time. Creator of the Mongol Empire, which lead to China needing to build the Great Wall just to keep them out.

Genghis Khan may have conquered through total war and he may have conquered through diplomacy. Chances are with a empire that big, he did both from time to time. One thing that is fact that's survived through the years about Khan. He was religiously tolerant, allowed his kingdom to worship whatever gods they wanted, and himself liked to learn other religions ? cultures life philosophies.

He was a student and curator of life, more than just a bloodthirsty warlord with countless wives. Genghis Khan was likely somewhat of a renaissance man to achieve what he did. Facts and fiction aside, you can find a mentor in him as you're trying to conquest anything. Handle it appropriately, be civil and grow your life but also get down right savage when you have to.


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