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Mike Perry's Raw Advice for Aspiring Bare-Knuckle Fighters

Bare-knuckle boxing legend Mike Perry, known as "Platinum" for his explosive fighting style, isn't competing this week. But that doesn't mean he's forgotten his roots. As the BKFC Prospect Series takes center stage this Friday in Denver, Perry offers some golden advice for the next generation of bare-knuckle fighters.

Mike Perry

Perry on the Prospect Series:

The BKFC Prospect Series, airing live on The BKFC App, serves as a platform for aspiring bare-knuckle fighters to showcase their skills and potentially earn a BKFC contract.

Words of Wisdom from a Legend:

While Perry acknowledges the allure of fight night glory and potential payouts, he emphasizes the challenges of climbing the ranks.

"Coming from where I am in my career now, I think it’s the easiest job in the world. You show up on fight night, you fight for a couple minutes. You put on a show and you get your money. But really it is a super tough road when you’re coming up," Perry says.

Perry's Message: Embrace the Journey:

Beyond the immediate rewards, Perry encourages the prospects to find joy in the process.

"Put on a show, and have fun on your journey," Perry continues. "The journey is what we’re here for. Take your lessons as they come, always try to be a better fighter and a better person. Grow yourself, and grow with the sport. Let’s take this thing to the top and show that we’re the best fighters in the world, and we’re willing to bleed to prove it."

A New Era of Bare-Knuckle Boxing:

With established stars like Perry offering guidance, the BKFC Prospect Series promises a glimpse into the future of bare-knuckle fighting. The event will be a display of raw talent, determination, and the relentless pursuit of becoming the next "Platinum."


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