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PFL Fighter Chelsea Hackett's Powerbomb Attempt Backfires in Loss to Jena Bishop

PFL fighter Chelsea Hackett experienced a moment she would soon regret during her recent bout against Jena Bishop at PFL San Antonio. In the high-stakes world of the Professional Fighters League, quick finishes are key to success, earning fighters valuable points in the league's format.

Chelsea Hackett

From the outset, Bishop was relentless in her attack, aiming for a swift victory. Despite Hackett's efforts, Bishop maintained pressure, eventually leading to a critical moment in the fight.

With Bishop looking to secure an armbar, Hackett attempted to powerbomb her way out of the submission hold. However, Bishop maintained control and ultimately toppled Hackett, securing the win.

While power moves like this have worked in the past, Hackett faced a determined opponent in Bishop, who refused to yield. The outcome was quick and definitive, showcasing Bishop's dominance and setting a strong tone for her campaign in the league.

The Professional Fighters League is striving to establish itself as a credible alternative to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

Exciting and entertaining fights, like Bishop's victory over Hackett, are key to achieving this goal. While the bout may not have been the most competitive, it certainly made a statement and added to the growing reputation of the PFL as a platform for thrilling MMA action.


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