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PFL's Power Move: Donn Davis Takes a Swing at UFC's Saudi Debut, Promising 'Best of the Best' in MMA SuperCard

In the ever-evolving landscape of mixed martial arts, the battle for supremacy extends beyond the octagon. PFL and Donn Davis are reveling in a victorious week, marked by the announcement of a groundbreaking PFL vs. Bellator supercard set for Feb. 24 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The news rippled through the MMA community just a day after reports emerged about the UFC's planned debut event in Saudi Arabia facing a postponement to June. The cause? Alleged discontent from Saudi officials over the card's perceived lack of quality fights. Donn Davis, the man behind PFL's strategic moves, didn't hesitate to throw a punch.

Speaking candidly on Ariel Helwani's The MMA Hour, Davis suggested a connection between the UFC's canceled March 2 event and PFL's blockbuster announcement: 

“I don’t think it’s any coincidence that the UFC March 2 card was canceled the day before our fight [announcement]. Those who know MMA said, ‘That is not a mega-event. That is not worthy of being hosted in Saudi Arabia. That is a poor fight-quality card the UFC put forth on March 2.’”

Davis clarified that he isn't questioning the UFC's ability to assemble a stellar card but implies that PFL's focus on delivering top-tier events sets them apart: 

“Could UFC load up a card and have a mega-card? They could! Do they do it that often? They don’t. We’re going to do it every time we do it.”

With 2024 poised as a transformative year for PFL following the acquisition of Bellator, the PFL vs. Bellator supercard signals the promotion's intent to claim a "co-leader" role in MMA. Davis expressed his delight at the enthusiastic fan reception, emphasizing PFL's commitment to offering something distinct in the MMA universe.

“All we’re trying to tell fans is, MMA is big. There are 650 million fans out there. UFC puts on a great product. We put on a different and unique, great product. Check it out. It’s not either-or. This ain’t Coke or Pepsi. PFL is doing a whole different thing for fans and fighters, and I think yesterday, people started to get that vibe,” Davis remarked.

In this ever-shifting MMA landscape, PFL, under the strategic guidance of Donn Davis, is making waves, challenging the status quo, and promising fight enthusiasts a Supercard spectacle that transcends expectations.


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