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"Sh*tbag Joe Rogan is responsible for ridiculous Jon Jones fight rumors " claims Tyson Fury

Tyson Fury called UFC analyst Joe Rogan a "s**tbag" and said that the notion of a crossover fight with Jon Jones was his fault.

Ever since Rogan predicted Jones would dominate Fury, the heavyweight divisions of boxing and mixed martial arts have been speculating about a potential matchup.

Gypsy King Fury, 34, flew into a fit of rage at the notion of Jones getting the better of him in a no holds barred fight, screaming down his iPhone and posting the footage to Instagram.

And he lays the ensuing talk of a cross-sport clash squarely at the feet of multi-millionaire podcast Rogan.

During a recent Q&A at Bangtao Muay Thai & MMA Gym in Phuket, Thailand, he said: “It was actually Joe Rogan, little s**tbag, who [started this].

"Just out of the blue, there was no talk of me or Jon even fighting. Jon’s a great guy, probably the GOAT of MMA.

"[Rogan] said, ‘Oh if Tyson Fury goes in a room with Jon Jones he’s going to get absolutely smashed to bits.’

"Like, if someone goes in the room with me and it’s no holds barred, you’re going to have to kill me to stop me.”

Rogan's insistence that mixed martial arts' pound-for-pound king would have his way with Fury still irks the Brit.

The WBC heavyweight champion said: “He didn’t say an MMA fight or a boxing fight, he said go in a room together and Tyson Fury’s not walking out.


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