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Shavkat Rakhmonov's Spectacular Win Positions Him for UFC Welterweight Title Shot

Shavkat Rakhmonov etched his name in history as the first fighter to submit the renowned Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson, keeping his undefeated streak intact and emphatically calling for a title shot in the welterweight division.

Rakhmonov, recognized for his striking prowess, strategically nullified Thompson's stand-up game by relentlessly pursuing takedowns. In the second round, Rakhmonov's ground assault proved decisive as he meticulously dismantled Thompson's defense, ultimately locking in a rear-naked choke that forced the seasoned fighter to submit for the first time in his career, just four seconds before the round ended.

Reflecting on his victory, Rakhmonov acknowledged Thompson's toughness while confidently declaring his readiness for a title bout. 

"Stephen Thompson is a very tough opponent. I’m happy I was able to finish him, and I believe I’m worthy of a title shot," Rakhmonov asserted, setting his sights on the welterweight title and challenging the winner of the UFC 296 title fight.

Rakhmonov wasted no time imposing his game plan, pressing Thompson against the cage and relentlessly seeking takedowns. Despite Thompson's resilient defense, Rakhmonov continued to chip away, mixing in powerful strikes whenever possible.

Thompson showcased his striking prowess, landing heavy kicks and unleashing his signature strikes. However, Rakhmonov's relentless pursuit of the takedown saw him drive Thompson back to the cage repeatedly, displaying determination in executing his strategy.

With minutes remaining in the second round, Rakhmonov capitalized on a takedown, swiftly transitioning to a dominant position and attempting a rear-naked choke. Although Thompson initially escaped, Rakhmonov persisted, methodically breaking down his opponent's defense until the opportune moment emerged for another rear-naked choke attempt.

This time, Rakhmonov's grip proved unbreakable, forcing Thompson to concede defeat by tapping out, signaling an end to the fight and solidifying Rakhmonov's exceptional victory.

Rakhmonov's flawless 18-0 record, coupled with his string of decisive finishes, places him prominently in the welterweight division's title picture. His relentless pursuit of victory without a single fight reaching a decision makes a compelling case for a championship opportunity that may soon be too compelling for the UFC to overlook.


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