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Stephen Thompson Discusses Potential Matchup with Michael Page

Stephen Thompson Discusses Potential Matchup with Michael Page
Stephen Thompson (left), Michael Page (right)

UFC welterweight contender Stephen Thompson recently addressed the possibility of a fight against Michael Page, agreeing with Page's concerns about the potential for a lackluster bout due to their similar styles.

Thompson, known for his dynamic striking abilities, acknowledged the counter-striking similarities between himself and Page, which could lead to a cautious and less engaging fight for fans. Despite the hype surrounding a potential matchup between the two skilled fighters, Thompson emphasized the importance of delivering an entertaining fight that lives up to expectations.

In an interview with Inside Fighting, Thompson reflected on Page's recent victory over Kevin Holland and the discussions about a potential showdown between them. While recognizing Page's talents and their shared martial arts background, Thompson expressed reservations about the fight's potential excitement level.

"A positive and a positive doesn't always make a positive," Thompson stated, echoing Page's sentiments. "We're both counterstrikers, very similar styles, so it could possibly be me and him bouncing out there in the middle just waiting on somebody to do something, and even though we have similar styles, that doesn't always make it an exciting fight."

Thompson, who is coming off a submission loss to Shavkat Rakhmonov, emphasized his desire for entertaining matchups that showcase his skills and provide excitement for fans. While he remains open to facing strong grapplers, he highlighted the importance of delivering an epic performance for the fans.

"I'm in the entertainment industry, and I want my fights to be entertaining," Thompson explained. "I want the fans to go, 'That was epic.' Kind of like the Kevin Holland fight that I had because he was game."

Thompson also mentioned other potential opponents, including Ian Garry, whom he views as exciting challenges that could test his abilities in the octagon.

As discussions about future matchups continue, Thompson's focus remains on delivering thrilling performances and engaging fights that leave a lasting impact on UFC fans.


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