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Top 5 Welterweight Boxer of All time

Ranking the top 5 welterweight boxers of all time is a subjective task, as different fans and experts may have different criteria for evaluating greatness. However, based on historical significance, skill level, and accomplishments, here is our list.

Top 5 Welterweight Boxer of All time

  1. Sugar Ray Robinson: Widely regarded as the greatest boxer of all time, Sugar Ray Robinson competed in the welterweight division early in his career. His combination of speed, power, and skill made him a dominant force, and he held the welterweight title from 1946 to 1951.

  2. Sugar Ray Leonard: Known for his speed, agility, and boxing IQ, Sugar Ray Leonard won titles in multiple weight classes, including welterweight. He had epic battles with other greats like Thomas Hearns and Roberto Duran, solidifying his legacy as one of the best.

  3. Manny Pacquiao: Pacquiao's speed, power, and relentless aggression have made him one of the most exciting fighters in boxing history. He has won titles in eight different weight classes, including welterweight, and his victories over legends like Oscar De La Hoya, Miguel Cotto, and Ricky Hatton have cemented his place among the greatest welterweights of all time.

  4. Roberto Duran: Known for his toughness and skill, Roberto Duran is considered one of the greatest lightweights of all time but also had significant success at welterweight. His "no mas" fight against Sugar Ray Leonard is one of the most famous in boxing history.

  5. Floyd Mayweather Jr.: Undefeated in his professional career, Floyd Mayweather Jr. is known for his defensive skills, ring IQ, and ability to adapt to any opponent. While he competed in multiple weight classes, his dominance at welterweight against top competition cements his place among the best.


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