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Alexander Volkanovski Picks Sean O'Malley to Triumph Over Marlon Vera

UFC bantamweight champion Alexander Volkanovski has weighed in with his prediction for the upcoming showdown between Sean O'Malley and Marlon Vera. The highly anticipated fight is set to take place on Saturday night in Miami, with O'Malley defending his championship title against Vera in the main event.

Alexander Volkanovski

Volkanovski, a former featherweight king, expressed his belief that O'Malley's striking prowess will be the deciding factor in the bout. Despite Vera's victory in their previous encounter, Volkanovski sees O'Malley's skills as being too much for Vera to handle.

"I'm going to have to lean towards Sean O'Malley," Volkanovski stated. "I think his striking is going to be too much. I know 'Chito' is going to want to keep it standing. I think 'Chito' has to keep it standing. I think Sean O'Malley is even dangerous on the ground."

Volkanovski highlighted O'Malley's versatility, noting that he is a threat both on the feet and on the ground. He praised O'Malley's creativity and ability to find openings, predicting that O'Malley will look for a finish in the fight.

While Volkanovski acknowledged Vera's toughness and tenacity, he ultimately sees O'Malley emerging victorious, predicting either a TKO or a submission victory for the champion.

"I think it's going to be a finish for Sean O'Malley," Volkanovski concluded. "It could be a submission, but I think it's going to be a TKO because even if he hurts him and takes him to the ground, I can't see him looking for a submission."

With both fighters known for their exciting styles and finishing abilities, fans are eagerly anticipating what promises to be an electrifying clash in the Octagon.


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