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UFC Settles Antitrust Lawsuits: Agrees to $335 Million Payout

UFC Settles Antitrust Lawsuits
UFC Settles Antitrust Lawsuits

UFC has reached a significant milestone by settling two antitrust lawsuits, avoiding a trial, and agreeing to pay out $335 million to the aggrieved parties.

The settlement, disclosed in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission by TKO Group Holdings, UFC's parent company, marks a resolution to the long-standing legal battles. The agreement, reached on March 13, 2024, outlines a payment plan over an agreed-upon period.

Official Statement: 

“On March 13, 2024, TKO reached an agreement to settle all claims asserted in both class action lawsuits for an aggregate amount of $335 million payable by the Company and its subsidiaries in installments over an agreed-upon period of time. The terms will be memorialized in a long form agreement and then submitted to the court for approval.

“The Company anticipates that the settlement amount will be deductible for tax purposes.”

The lawsuits, led by fighters such as Cung Le, Nate Quarry, and Kajan Johnson, accused UFC of engaging in monopolistic practices in the market for elite professional MMA fighter services. The settlement comes after Judge Richard Boulware delayed the trial's start, signaling the parties' intention to resolve.

"We are pleased with the settlement and will disclose more when we file with the Court in 45-60 days," stated the Mixed Martial Arts Fighters Association, expressing satisfaction with the outcome.

The initial lawsuit, filed in 2014, alleged UFC's use of exclusive contracts, coercion, and acquisitions to maintain monopolistic power in fighter services. TKO Group Holdings had maintained confidence in its legal position but engaged in private mediation alongside trial preparation.

The settlement, subject to court approval, brings an end to years of legal proceedings and ensures no trial for the antitrust lawsuits.


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