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Valentin Moldavsky Eyes Ante Delija Showdown, Envisions Clash with Francis Ngannou in the Future

Valentin Moldavsky eyes Ngannou's fight
Valentin Moldavsky

Valentin Moldavsky, a formidable force in the heavyweight division, is set to face Ante Delija in the headliner of the 2024 PFL 1 event, showcasing his determination to climb the ranks and potentially face Francis Ngannou in the future.

The upcoming bout between Moldavsky (12-3-1) and Delija (24-5) at Boeing Center in San Antonio is generating significant buzz, with Moldavsky expressing his eagerness for fresh challenges and bigger opportunities, including a potential showdown with Ngannou.

During the 2024 PFL 1 media day, Moldavsky spoke through an interpreter about his aspirations, stating, 

"Facing Francis at some point in the future would be great, but as of now, I need to focus on what I have in front of me... you do not start cutting bear’s fur until you kill the bear."

Moldavsky's impressive track record, including his tenure as interim Bellator heavyweight champion, highlights his prowess in the heavyweight division. Despite his eyes on future challenges, Moldavsky remains focused on the task at hand, recognizing the importance of overcoming Delija in his regular-season opener.

The transition to PFL's tournament format has invigorated Moldavsky, offering him the opportunity for increased activity and competition. He emphasized the benefits of the format, noting, 

"Here, providing that you keep winning, with the tournament format, you can have four fights a year... I like PFL’s format."

As Moldavsky prepares to step into the octagon against Delija, fans and pundits alike anticipate a thrilling matchup that could pave the way for future clashes with top contenders like Ngannou. Moldavsky's determination to succeed in the PFL heavyweight season reflects his commitment to challenging himself and reaching new heights in his career.


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