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Watch: Joaquin Buckley's UFC 300 Press Conference Gamble Doesn't Pay Off

UFC sensation Joaquin Buckley stirred up the scene at the UFC 300 press conference by making a bold plea for a main event slot in his hometown of St. Louis. Known for his recent string of victories and rising star status both inside and outside the Octagon, Buckley's ambition to ascend the UFC ranks was palpable as he seized the opportunity to voice his aspirations.

Joaquin Buckley

Buckley's latest triumph over seasoned veteran Vicente Luque underscored his potential as a formidable contender in the UFC, fueling his desire to maintain momentum and continue his ascent in the sport.

With the UFC set to return to St. Louis next month, Buckley saw an opportunity to showcase his skills on home turf and called his shot during the press conference.

Addressing UFC President Dana White and the gathered audience, Buckley left no doubt about his intentions:

"Look, the whole crowd told me man. Look, you’re coming back to St. Louis, everybody knows the main event, Derrick Lewis. Hey, we love Derrick Lewis, but he doesn’t wanna fight five rounds, Dana! Come on. Switch it up and give your boy the main event of St. Louis in his hometown baby, let’s go."

While White thanked everyone for attending the press conference and swiftly moved on, Buckley's bold request highlighted his determination to seize opportunities and make his mark in the sport. Despite the outcome, Buckley's audacious move underscored the competitive spirit and ambition that drives athletes in the UFC.


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