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Ryan Garcia's Bold Prediction: 'Light Work' Against Haney in New York Bout

As the countdown to the highly anticipated April 20 showdown between Ryan Garcia and Devin Haney intensifies, Garcia exudes unwavering confidence, envisioning a victory that would catapult him to the pinnacle of boxing stardom.

Ryan Garcia

With a record of 24-1 and 20 knockouts under his belt, Garcia sees his upcoming bout against Haney (31-0, 15 KOs) in Brooklyn, New York, as a defining moment in his career. Despite Haney's impressive credentials as a two-division world champion and undisputed lightweight champion, Garcia remains resolute in his belief that Haney is not on his level.

Speaking at a media workout in Dallas, Texas, Garcia left no room for doubt about his mindset going into the fight.

"It is going to be light work for me," Garcia asserted confidently. "He is just not on my level and he is never going to be on my level."

Part of Garcia's conviction stems from his belief that he has entered the prime years of his athletic career. He sees himself as continually improving and reaching his full potential as a fighter.

"It is going to be a vibe, it is going to be a movie," Garcia exclaimed, urging fans to create an electrifying atmosphere in the arena to intimidate Haney.

Despite never having won a world title, Garcia speaks like a champion, exuding a level of confidence that some find perplexing. His unorthodox behavior on social media has raised questions about his focus leading up to the fight, but Garcia dismisses any doubts, stating emphatically,

"My intention is to lay a stamp on this."

With aspirations of becoming the best fighter in the world and securing multiple championship titles across weight classes, Garcia sees his bout with Haney as a pivotal moment in his quest for boxing supremacy


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