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Watch: MMA fighter delivers devastating KO in 10 seconds

Jimmy Quinn won his professional debut at Cage Warriors 156 in Cardiff, Wales, by stunning knockout, creating Cage Warriors history.

Every battle in the 23-year-old's 5-1 amateur record ended within the distance, highlighting his finishing abilities. In his last amateur fight last October, Kasheen Khan was dispatched by spinning heel kick in the first round.

For his first professional victory, Quinn took just 10 seconds to knock out Dan Kneil in a bantamweight encounter that opened Cage Warriors 156's main card. Quinn is a product of the Cage Warriors Academy.

After what first seemed like hesitation, Quinn dove in with a couple of right punches on the ground. Kneil attempted to dispute the stoppage but immediately collapsed back to the mat.

Any fighter would consider a rapid knockout like this to be their ideal outcome, and the fact that it happened in the 23-year-old's pro debut just serves to highlight his performance.

Quinn not only had a great pro debut, but he also established a record for the fastest knockout in the Cage Warriors promotion.


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