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Anthony Smith's Mental Reset: A New Approach Ahead of UFC 301

Anthony Smith  is coming to UFC 301 with a new approach
Anthony Smith

Anthony Smith is gearing up for UFC 301 with a fresh mindset, one that prioritizes mental well-being over chasing titles. After more than 16 years in the fight game and a turbulent journey in the UFC, Smith has learned the value of effective mental prioritization.

Following his unsuccessful title challenge against Jon Jones in 2019, Smith has faced a string of setbacks, both in and out of the octagon. However, instead of being consumed by the pursuit of championship glory, Smith has chosen to focus on the present moment and his upcoming bout against Vitor Petrino.

In a recent interview, Smith opened up about his mental evolution, acknowledging the detrimental effects of being "blinded" by his title aspirations. He emphasized the importance of living in the moment and pouring all his energy into each fight, without being weighed down by future expectations.

Smith's opponent, Vitor Petrino, has specifically targeted him, viewing him as a declining force in the division. However, Smith is unfazed by the challenge, determined to prove his worth and silence his critics.

As he prepares to step into the octagon at UFC 301, Smith's primary focus is on the present moment. While his ultimate goal of reclaiming the top contender spot remains unchanged, he understands the importance of taking one step at a time and staying grounded in the journey.

With a newfound perspective and a refreshed mindset, Anthony Smith is ready to face whatever challenges come his way, starting with his upcoming bout at UFC 301.


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