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Aljamain Sterling Calls His Shot: 'Give Me Brian Ortega

UFC featherweight contender Aljamain Sterling wasted no time in setting his sights on his next opponent following a commanding debut at 145 pounds. Sterling's impressive performance at UFC 300, where he dominated Calvin Kattar, has ignited speculation about his future in the featherweight division, with the fighter now eyeing a showdown with Brian Ortega.

Aljamain Sterling

In the aftermath of his victory, Sterling made his intentions clear during the post-fight press conference, boldly calling out Ortega as his desired next opponent.

"Give me the next best guy," Sterling declared. "I'll take Brian Ortega respectfully. He's a guy I got to train with one time, same management, there's no bad blood or anything like that. We're both just trying to chase the same thing. It's not like he's my main training partner like Merab was. It's a different situation."

Confident in his abilities, Sterling expressed his belief that he could overcome the challenges posed by Ortega and asserted his readiness to ascend to the top of the featherweight ranks.

"I think I beat a guy like him, and I'm undeniable," Sterling affirmed, exuding determination and conviction.

Reflecting on his performance against Kattar, Sterling acknowledged his desire for improvement and the need to secure decisive victories to bolster his championship aspirations.

"This performance, I got a little down on myself because if I want to beat a guy like Ilia, I need to be able to finish a guy like Kattar," Sterling reflected. "As well-prepared as he was to defend some stuff on the ground, I was a little sad about it. I was like, 'Man, if I can't do certain things to him, then how the hell am I going to do things to a guy like that?' You know, if I want to challenge for a world title again. That's the way I kind of look at things."

Sterling's bold callout of Ortega sets the stage for a potential showdown that promises to captivate MMA fans and further solidify Sterling's status as a formidable force in the featherweight division.


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