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Alvarez Cuts Plant's Eye With A Counter Punch

Canelo Alvarez and Caleb Plant went at it over a Showtime conference for their November 6th bout. It started off as any ol' pre fight conference. The fighters boasting themselves, talking down on the other man.

Push came to shove though, when the men went face to face for their promo fight pics. Alvarez shoved Plant after some exchanged words, Plant rushed Alvarez with a straight that missed to which Alavarez came in with a hard counter landing under Plant's eye.

This is a sign of good fortune in the boxing world. When two dudes are fighting before their fight even starts, you know it's gonna be good. It's like if there was 3 good boxing omens it would be -

  1. Pre fight at the pre fight conference ✔

  2. Mean bad words exchanged ✔

  3. Top tier fighters

There it is folks! The fight everyone is dying to see! Stay tuned with Fight.TV as we'll be discussing the whole fight card and analyzing this upcoming bout as it edges nearer and nearer!

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