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Andy Ruiz's father claims Deontay Wilder has sent a 30% contract offer, he wants 50-50

The father and manager of the former unified heavyweight champion Andy Ruiz, has reacted to Wilder's recent comments 

Wilder asserted that Ruiz Sr. was meddling with the negotiations to reach an agreement with Ruiz for a bout in the autumn in a video shared on social media.

“What happened is that Wilder is a liar," Ruiz Sr. told Izquierdazo. “He (Wilder) and his trainer (Malik Scott) want Andy to accept a ridiculous amount of money. But Andy is not a random name. Andy is a former world champion, the first Mexican heavyweight world champion in history. A former champion, he made history."

Ruiz Sr. claims that the offer was only 30% split for his son. They want a 50-50 split with the former WBC world champion.

“Wilder wants to offer Andy around 30%," Ruiz Sr. explained. “We want 50-50, because Wilder is no longer a champion, he is coming off a very bad fight, where he fought against a sparring partner (Robert Helenius). I think that sparring partner took a dive. And Andy is coming off a good fight that lasted 12 rounds (with Luis Ortiz).

“It's not good money, and I will tell you why. They are offering almost the same amount of money that (Andy) received when he beat Ortiz. How is it possible to receive the same amount of money with Wilder as we did with King Kong. Andy and Wilder are going to fill up a stadium, they are going to sell a crazy amount of PPV, because everybody wants to see that fight. They are not offering a fair split. The only thing we are asking is a 50-50 split, we are not asking for anything else. 50-50 and we are ready to fight Wilder, and give him a good beating. Wilder will suffer the same beating as (Anthony) Joshua.


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