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Are The Paul Brothers Ruining Or Saving Combat Sports?

With the rise of the MC-Dojo's turning martial arts into a pay for blackbelt center. Handing out black belts for Jiujitsu to kids. Even Gracie gyms online program that rewards belts for sending them videos of you reciting techniques and doesn't require the extensive periods of rolling sessions that develop real experience. We feel like combat sports is getting watered down. When The Paul brothers first showed up on the map, it felt like another slap in the face to fighters and fight fans everywhere. It used to be that becoming a fighter meant climbing ranks. You started out by doing things like Golden Gloves, Olympic boxing, and you fought your way through the contenders. The Paul brothers have come along and changed this. They got their start on social media making funny and controversial videos. Then went 180 degrees and decided to put in those grueling hours in the gym to compete in combat sports. So these guys aren't really in it for just the money, obviously they have something to prove. I've slowly begun to become Paul brothers fans. You can tell on camera they're boisterous to promote the fights. Off camera they have a genuine love for the sport, and concern for the quality of life combat athletes have. Jake Paul has been consistently calling out Dana White and his unfair treatment of fighters. While many people just accept things like the Reebok deal shunning fighters from their sponsors. Or a gladiator made billionaire telling his gladiators they're "fucking up" his budget. It felt like I was the only one concerned with that issue. So seeing Jake take a stance there was nice. Many fight fans are still on either side of the fence. They love the Paul brothers ability to promote fights and Immediately climb to fighting the champs. They hate the young in their prime Paul brothers for bypassing all the other young hungry boxers, while targeting retiring MMA fighters and dudes who are way past their prime. I am still discouraged by that. If you think about it though, that's the animosity that fuels their PPV sales. That's a calculated move. Build the animosity until everyone wants to see them get KO'd. So here's my stance. If the Paul Brothers continue to grow PPV sales, champion better career conditions for fighters, and eventually fight peers - young hungry dudes in their prime. Then they're helping the sport. If they continue to fight the old heads and challenge MMA fighters to come box, they're soft. Do you think they're hurting or helping the boxing world?


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