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Ariane Lipski's Spectacular Armbar Seals Third Straight Win

Ariane Lipski secured her third consecutive victory on Saturday night by tapping out Casey O’Neill with an armbar at UFC 296 in Las Vegas. This impressive winning streak marks Lipski's best run of form since joining the UFC in 2019.

Lipski orchestrated the finish by initially damaging O’Neill on the feet, a sequence that set the stage for the thrilling armbar ending. With this triumph, Lipski has elevated her UFC record above the .500 mark, boasting a commendable 6-5 standing in the promotion. Her recent string of victories includes wins over Casey O’Neill, Melissa Gatto, and JJ Aldrich.

Known as "The Queen of Violence," Lipski engaged in a back-and-forth striking exchange with O’Neill before intensifying the action early in the second round. A captivating combination, culminating in a partially deflected head kick, left O’Neill visibly shaken. Capitalizing on the opportunity, Lipski increased the pressure, prompting O’Neill to initiate a takedown.

From the top position, Lipski unleashed a barrage of strikes, landing several impactful shots. As O’Neill's defenses crumbled, Lipski seized the opening for the decisive armbar. The official stoppage occurred at 1:18 into the second round, solidifying Lipski's triumphant return to championship form in the UFC.


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