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Armen Petrosyan's UFC fight canceled due to suspected poisoning in Brazil

Armen Petrosyan, the UFC fighter, was forced to withdraw from his scheduled bout with Rodolfo Vieira at UFC Sao Paulo on Saturday night, after falling ill backstage. His management team claimed that he was poisoned in Brazil, and that his blood sugar level dropped drastically.

The news was shared by his management company on Instagram, in a post that was later deleted. They wrote: “Why was Armen Petrosyan’s fight canceled? Shortly before the duel, Armen felt bad. He was seriously poisoned in Brazil. Sugar has dropped sharply. It should be noted that the same poisoning happened to Roman Kopylov. There is even a suspicion from what products. Armenians have an even more serious situation.”

They also praised the UFC matchmakers, especially Mick Maynard, for being supportive of Petrosyan. They revealed that Petrosyan had agreed to face a different opponent, after Vieira pulled out of the fight a few days ago. However, Vieira was later reported to be ready, and the original match-up was restored. But then, Petrosyan’s health condition worsened, and he had to cancel the fight.

The management company said that the UFC was understanding of Petrosyan’s situation, and offered to reschedule the fight or give him a new opponent, once he recovers. They also said that Petrosyan’s sugar level was returning to normal.


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