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Beneil Dariush May Heed Justin Gaethje's Advice

Beneil Dariush, a top-ranked lightweight contender in the UFC, is set to face former UFC Lightweight Champion Charles Oliveira in a highly anticipated bout at UFC 289. With this pivotal matchup on the horizon, Dariush has been promised a shot at the UFC Lightweight Championship if he emerges victorious.

Confident in his abilities and trusting in the UFC, Dariush believes that the promotion will honor their commitment to him should he defeat Oliveira. However, there is a lingering doubt that if the promised title shot doesn't materialize, he may take listen to some advice given to him by former interim UFC Lightweight Champion Justin Gaethje.

“I’m going to take them at their word,” Dariush said of the UFC. “If it’s not so, I’m going to take Justin Gaethje’s advice and possibly riot.”

Gaethje, who has experienced the highs and lows of the fight game, offered Dariush some guidance in case the UFC fails to deliver on their promise. While Dariush remains optimistic about his prospects, he may cause a scene or take a stand if he doesn't receive what has been assured to him.

During an interview with MMAFighting,

“UFC is not the type to often give their word,” Dariush said. “Before I fought Mateusz [Gamrot], I had a feeling they weren’t going to give me the title shot, so I said, ‘Hey if I beat this guy, I get a title shot right?’ They said, ‘We don’t know,’ basically.

“This time when I was talking to them, they said if I beat Charles Oliveira, I am the No. 1 contender. It’s not often they give me their word. This time they did.”

The upcoming UFC 289 event holds immense significance for Dariush, as it serves as a platform for him to prove his worthiness for a shot at the coveted lightweight title. The stakes are high, and Dariush understands the opportunity that lies before him.

A win over Charles Oliveira, a formidable opponent, and a highly respected figure in the division, would undoubtedly solidify Dariush's claim to a title fight. With his impressive skill set and determination, Dariush has the potential to make a strong case for his championship aspirations.

The stage is set, the fighters are ready, and the world watches with bated breath as Beneil Dariush steps into the Octagon on June 10. The outcome of this pivotal bout will not only shape the future of the lightweight division but also determine whether Dariush's trust in the UFC and his aspirations for a title shot will be realized.


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