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Bo Nickal Criticizes Khamzat Chimaev's UFC Title Shot Aspirations

Bo Nickal has voiced his skepticism about Khamzat Chimaev's bid for a UFC Middleweight Championship opportunity. Despite Chimaev's recent victory over former welterweight titleholder Kamaru Usman at UFC 294, Nickal doesn't believe Chimaev has earned the right to a title shot in the 185-pound division.

Bo Nickal

In a recent episode of Nickals and Dimes, Nickal shared his views on the situation, stating,

“I think Dricus wants [Israel] Adesanya. His callout was Adesanya, or it could be Khamzat [Chimaev]. They’ve been talking about giving Khamzat the title [shot], but he has been hurt. He has been sick. Messed up in the hospital, broke his hand. All this crazy stuff.”

Nickal continued to express his doubts about Chimaev's legitimacy as a middleweight contender, saying,

“Dude, they’re gonna give Khamzat the title shot for sure at some point. I don’t think that he’s gonna have to fight again till he gets the title shot. Do I think he deserves that? No. He hasn’t fought a single 85’er. He has fought less 85’ers than me. My guys aren’t even on the roster anymore.”

While Nickal himself has garnered attention and is seen as a promising talent in the UFC, boasting a record of 5-0 with all wins coming by way of finish, he remains cautious about jumping to conclusions about his own future. Despite the speculation surrounding his potential to capture UFC gold, Nickal is focused on continuing his successful start in the promotion.


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