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Bo Nickal Critiques His UFC 300 Win Against Cody Brundage Despite Submission Victory

Bo Nickal remains undefeated
Bo Nickal

Bo Nickal secured yet another victory at UFC 300, submitting Cody Brundage in the second round, but the three-time NCAA champion wrestler expressed disappointment in his performance, expecting more dominance.

The fight saw Nickal facing resistance from Brundage, who came out swinging and attempted to surprise the undefeated Nickal with aggressive striking. However, Nickal's grappling skills shone through as he secured takedowns and worked to take Brundage's back throughout the match.

After locking in a rear-naked choke at 3:38 in the second round, Nickal tapped Brundage for the win, extending his undefeated streak. Despite the victory, Nickal admitted, 

"I feel like I’m a little bit embarrassed with that performance. I expect to go out there and completely dominate and shut this guy out."

The Penn State alum acknowledged the fight as a learning experience and expressed gratitude to his supporters while setting his sights on climbing up the ranks in the division. Despite his self-critique, Nickal's performance solidified his status as a top prospect in the UFC, with a 6-0 career record.

Nickal's blend of wrestling prowess and determination makes him a formidable force in the UFC, and his desire for improvement signals a promising future in the sport.


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