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Boxing Champions Bridges and Serrano Criticize USA Boxing's Transgender Policies

Boxing champions Ebanie Bridges and Amanda Serrano have joined the chorus of criticism against USA Boxing's policies regarding transgender female fighters and their participation in women's boxing.

According to USA Boxing, a fighter who has transitioned from male to female can compete in the female category under specific conditions outlined in the rulebook. These conditions include identifying as female, undergoing gender reassignment surgery, undergoing quarterly hormone testing for a minimum of four years with documented hormone levels, and maintaining testosterone levels below 5 nanomoles per liter. Failure to meet these standards could result in a 12-month suspension.

Bridges, the former IBF bantamweight champion, expressed outrage at USA Boxing's decision, stating,

"This is wrong on so many levels."

She voiced concerns about transgender women participating in combat sports, highlighting the physical differences that arise from male puberty and the potential safety risks. Bridges advocated for a transgender division in the sport, emphasizing the importance of maintaining fairness and safety in women's boxing.

Serrano, the unified featherweight champion, questioned the logic behind USA Boxing's policies, pointing out the disparity between the rules for women and transgender female fighters. She raised concerns about fairness and called for a reevaluation of the current regulations.

Both champions emphasized the need to address these issues to ensure the integrity and fairness of women's boxing, suggesting that current policies could lead to an imbalance in the sport's future.

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