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Bryan Battle knocks out Gabe Green brutally inside 14 seconds at UFC Charlotte

Bryan Battle defeated Gabe Green in the opening round of UFC Charlotte in just 14 seconds, raising the crowd in his hometown to their feet.

The finish occurred after Green came out swinging right away, pushing forward and throwing a flurry of punches in an effort to overwhelm Battle before he had a chance to settle into a rhythm. Battle began to launch bombs in response, and it was a powerful right hook that turned Green's head and sent him down to the canvas in a heap.

As soon as Green fell to the floor, the referee was rushing in to stop the fight as Battle started celebrating a jaw-dropping victory in front of his friends and family in Charlotte.

“I was made in Charlotte. I was never going to lose in Charlotte,” Battle said. “I put these hands on anybody, they might go to sleep.

“Here’s the thing, he normally doesn’t come out that aggressive so it caught me off guard. Kept my stance, kept my posture and just firing. That’s a tough dude right there.”

Battle missed weight on Friday, disqualifying him from the post-fight bonus that would have seemed nearly guaranteed given that he now ranks No. 6 all time for the fastest knockouts in UFC history. It was an emphatic finale to a week that didn't start off well for him.

Naturally, missing out on that $50,000 will hurt, but it didn't take long for Battle to focus on his future when addressing Ian Garry, who is scheduled to face Daniel Rodriguez on the main card at UFC Charlotte.


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