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" Buying Bouts "

The ugly truth behind many promotions is they will "SELL FIGHTS" in order to afford their show. We all know whaytm I am talking about is no more than JAKE PAUL is proving to the masses.

For decades if not a century, promotors will sell spots or "Bouts" to upcoming fighters that in essence "PAY" the purse and travel expenses for their lessor rival. The sport has had many

so called professionals climb the ranks not so professionally to say the least.

Imagine being the guy needing to feed your family and the purse money keeps food on the table, especially in Central America. So they will be "Paid For" and take the loss on thier records in order to keep the family fed.

This is not a lot of money they get, in gact many of these unknown or not ranked fighters are why the ones knows are so. Being able to afford belts, buy bouts and climb the ranks will be the next article I post.

I am Eric J. Herrholz and more than a spectator, fan or PPV buyer, I am the voice of the truth to be told in the "Making Of Legends" EXPOSED !!! #Boxing #MMA #Wrestling


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