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Carl Froch thinks Anthony Joshua is past his best and hasn't got any real legacy

Former super middleweight champion Carl Froch does not believe Anthony Joshua needs to retire from the sport - but he does feel the British superstar is on the slide.

Joshua saw action in early April, when he picked up a twelve round unanimous decision win over contender Jermaine Franklin.

A two-time former heavyweight champion, Joshua used the win over Franklin to snap a two-fight losing streak to unified beltholder Oleksandr Usyk.

While Joshua has amassed a massive fortune of money, Froch doesn't see a true defining legacy for the big heavyweight.

Froch doesn't understand Joshua's true motivation to continue fighting.

"Joshua doesn’t need to retire but I would say that AJ is past his best and on the slide. I don’t know where his motivation is now. It can’t be money, he says it is but he’s made a fortune. So when you’ve earned so much, how much do you need? That’s one of the reasons I retired, because I’d earned enough money and I thought I’ve got everything I want, so why am I going to get punched in the head and risk getting injured? I’ve got kids and there’s risk and reward," Froch explained to Sporting Post.

"AJ has had a fantastic career financially, but maybe it niggles him that he’s probably got no real legacy. He’s not in the Hall of Fame, unlike the Cobra! Not to have a dig at him but you have to look at yourself as a fighter and ask, why am I in the game? Am I in the game to make a fortune? Of course I am if I can do it and be one of the lucky ones, one of the few who get out the game financially free with their health intact and he’s done that.

"But he’s not going to go down as an all-time great with the fights he’s had, losing to Ruiz and back-to-back fights with Usyk. What does he want? What’s he fighting for? He said money, but money is not motivation when you’re fighting, trust me. You don’t think about money when you walk to that ring. If you do it’s a bad attitude and you don’t perform, you perform from wanting to be world champion and wanting to perform for yourself and fans to get a legacy, to be a Hall of Famer, you have to be in love with the sport."

Joshua is now being set up to make a comeback in July or August. Additionally, a December showdown in Saudi Arabia with former WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder is being discussed.


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