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Chael Sonnen Escorted to Secret Location After Jorge Masvidal Threat

In a surprising turn of events, former UFC fighter Chael Sonnen has revealed that he was escorted to a secret location in Miami by security due to threats from Jorge Masvidal. Sonnen, who is in Miami for the upcoming UFC 299 ‘O’Malley vs. Vera’ pay-per-view event, disclosed the news on his YouTube channel, highlighting his concern for his safety.

Speaking from his undisclosed location, Sonnen explained the unusual circumstances:

Chael Sonnen

“I’m in Miami, I’m at an undisclosed location and I can’t have anything on the wall, because nobody’s allowed to know where I am. Who made those rules? Those two (security guards) who will be standing at my door all night.

Why Chael, are you telling us that you have a blank wall behind you with two security guards who will be staying all night when you are about to go to sleep because you are in Miami? Well, I’ve been threatened by Jorge Masvidal. I am at a separate location than everybody else with two security guards because I’ve been threatened by Jorge Masvidal.”

Masvidal, a Miami native, has a history of animosity towards Sonnen. On a recent appearance on 'The MMA Hour' with Ariel Helwani, Masvidal expressed his disdain for Sonnen, stating, “Chael would be one guy that I would love to break his eye orbital. Just because he’s such a cheating f**k."

Given Masvidal's reputation for aggressive behavior, including past sucker punches and street altercations, Sonnen's decision to seek added security is understandable. However, speculation lingers about the authenticity of Sonnen's concerns, with some questioning whether this is a genuine threat or a publicity stunt.


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