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Chris Colbert Eyes Gervonta Davis Showdown Following Jose Valenzuela Rematch


Chris Colbert is setting his sights on the future as he anticipates a pivotal fight against Jose Valenzuela, recognizing that victory could pave the way for high-profile matchups.

Initially, Colbert's venture into the lightweight division at 135 pounds was thought to be temporary. However, surveying the limited options at 130 pounds, the Brooklyn native concluded that staying at the higher weight class made strategic sense. As he prepares for a rematch with Jose Valenzuela, the 27-year-old already envisions his next challenge.

Expressing his aspirations, Colbert stated in a recent interview

“I want Gervonta Davis. Gervonta Davis is the best guy in the 135-pound division. Gervonta Davis is a tremendous fighter.”

In a departure from his usual training routine in Brooklyn, Colbert, with coach Sosa engaged elsewhere, relocated his training camp to Baltimore. Collaborating closely with Barry Hunter and members of Davis’ team, Colbert found himself working alongside the three-division champion and multi-millionaire Davis (29-0, 27 KOs).

Colbert's experience training alongside Davis had a profound impact on him, providing inspiration as he witnessed the work ethic and success of a fellow fighter who had risen from similar circumstances. Reflecting on the experience, Colbert expressed,

“Watching him motivated me. That’s a young black man that came from the trenches like me making millions. He motivates me to keep going and work harder and be a better fighter. I like working around fighters like that.”

As Colbert readies himself for the Valenzuela rematch, the prospect of a potential showdown with Gervonta Davis looms large, promising an exciting chapter in the dynamic world of professional boxing.


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