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Chris Eubank Jr won't rush into Liam Smith rematch immediately

Chris Eubank Jr was brutally knocked out in the fourth round by Liam Smith on Saturday in Manchester; Eubank Jr's promoter Kalle Sauerland has revealed they have "a few weeks" to decide whether to activate a rematch clause.

Kalle Sauerland, Wasserman's head of global boxing, revealed that Eubank Jr has "a few weeks" to make a decision over the possible rematch, but insisted that there is "a score to be settled".

"We obviously have that rematch clause, but we'll let the dust settle," Sauerland told Sky Sports.

"We've got a few weeks to activate that. We'll take an internal discussion, see what the best way forward is for Jr and go from there.

After a competitive first three rounds at the AO Arena, it appeared that a close fight was on the cards until Smith landed a brilliant pair of left hands that sent Eubank Jr to the canvas for the first time in his professional career.

The 33-year-old bravely rose to his feet and continued, but was quickly caught with another heavy right hand and floored, prompting the referee to stop the fight.

"It was a night of high drama," Sauerland added. "I think it was one of the biggest upsets in recent times, for sure. "We were victim to a great punch from the gods."I think it was setting up to be a very good fight. I thought, especially in the third round, Jr was coming into it very strongly.

"And then came that punch, and that's boxing. That's the exciting part of the sport, and I'm sure there's a score to be settled down the road."


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