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Ciryl Gane Disagrees with Dana White About Best Heavyweight

Ciryl Gane won the interim heavyweight belt lastnight defeating Derrick Lewis with a 3rd round KO. Dana White suggested that Ciyrl Gane is now the worlds best MMA heavyweight fighter. To which Ciryl responded - is just not the case.

Gane significantly out striked Lewis at 98-16. Gane whil being a heavyweight, moved as if he were a featherweight in the bout against Lewis. This was Ganes 10th fight, and added onto his list of wins as a undefeated fighter. When he heard himself being donned the "Worlds Best Heavyweight." by Dana White. Ciryl responded with -

"I don't want to say that becasue the champion is still Francis Ngannou, and I must fight all the guys on the roster to be the best. I just started, so I need to prove for a few years. And after that, maybe I'm gonna say "Yeah, I'm the best." - Said Gane.

What do you think about Dana proclaiming this? Do you think he's right or does Ciryl really need to stick around and prove himself some more?


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