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Colby Covington's Summer UFC Return Will Shake the Octagon!

UFC welterweight title challenger Colby Covington is gearing up for a comeback this summer after his last bout against champion Leon Edwards in December. Covington, known as 'Chaos,' faced Edwards in his first fight in over a year, having previously defeated Jorge Masvidal in March 2022.

Colby Covington

The build-up to the match was marked by controversy, as Covington taunted Edwards about his deceased father and made bold promises about the outcome. However, the fight did not go in his favor, and he was dominated in the main event of UFC 296.

Following his unanimous decision defeat, Covington disclosed that he had suffered a foot injury early in the contest. Despite his claims, doubts were raised about the extent of his injury by fighters like Gilbert Burns. In a recent interview with Submission Radio, Covington discussed his plans for his return, expressing his desire to face both Burns and Stephen Thompson. Thompson is coming off a submission loss to Shavkat Rakhmonov at UFC 296.

Covington revealed that he plans to make his comeback in the summer, promising fans a surprising return. He stated,

"For sure, this summer, people are going to be shocked. It’s going to be the nerd apocalypse, there’s going to be so many f*cking snowflakes crying. Having all their nerd tears out there… I’m the greatest… So, I’m coming back stronger than ever boys."

While he did not provide specific details about his comeback fight, he stated that it would "shock" fans. Covington also addressed criticism from fans regarding his title shot last year, asserting himself as the greatest fighter in the welterweight division. He said,

"I’m the greatest… So, I’m coming back stronger than ever boys."

In his interview, Covington provided insight into his injury, stating that it was not a displaced fracture and did not require surgery. He explained that the healing process would take eight to twelve weeks, followed by additional time to regain his footing and strength.

Despite the challenges, Covington expressed confidence in his comeback, stating that he would be back in top form for a main event and ready to make a strong impact in the UFC.

Covington concluded the interview with a bold statement, predicting a "nerd apocalypse" and declaring himself the greatest fighter. He expressed his determination to come back stronger than ever and make a significant impact in the UFC with his return this summer.


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